New Deal Information

Social Security Act

SSA.JPGOverview-The Social Security Act was one of the most important achievements of the New Deal Program. It had three major parts. The first part was to provide old- age insurance for retirees 65 years of age or older and their spouses. This did not apply to domestic servants, farm workers, many hospital workers, and many restaurant workers though. The second part was to establish an unemployment compensation system that was funded by a federal tax on employers, which included initial payments that ranged from $15 to $18. The third major part was to provide aid to families with dependent children and the disabled.

Purpose-Distributed federal funds to many different programs and provided substantial benefits to millions of Americans.

Who it helped?- The Social Security Act helped: old people, handicapped people, blind people, needy elderly, mothers with dependant children, and many other Americans who were unemployed, ill, or were just simply old.

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