New Deal Information

cwa.JPGCWA - Civil Works Administration

Overview-The Civil Works Administration was thought up to employ millions of people who were not on relief. Between November 1st and December 15th about three and a half million people were then employed from the CWA. Men stood in lines all night to ask for a job of the CWA. Women were employed to in such jobs as primitive workshops, sewing garments for the unemployed. Men built schools, airports, and playgrounds. The jobs that were being given paid regular wages to the workers, so it was more like public employment instead of direct relief. The Civil Works Administration was popular and made people support the government more as it tried to help with the widespread unemployment.

Purpose- The purpose was to supply millions of jobs for all that were unemployed and in need of work.

Who it helped?- It helped to employ all the people that were in lose of jobs because of the Great Depression and bad economy. .

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